You'll find here all the information needed for creating a game-changing and professional Junior Enterprise from scratch. Should you have any questions about this, or if you are willing to join the adventure, please reach us out at [email protected]

Background information

1. A definition

A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization, created and managed exclusively by students of higher education, which provides consulting services to companies, institutions, and individuals. Junior Enterprises are identical to real companies, with the main goal of enhancing the learning of their members through practical experience.

2. Different types of Junior Enterprises

A Junior Enterprise can provide consulting services in lots of different areas. Here are some examples:

Of course, these are only examples and we would be more than happy if you can offer novel & never seen consulting services!

3. Junior Enterprises Belgium Team

Junior Enterprises Belgium is the Belgian Confederation of Junior Enterprises. Now, it is a team of 20 students working hard to coordinate the 17 structures in the Belgian network. Most of the team are alumni of the different Junior Enterprises.

The three missions of JE Belgium


Represent all the Junior Enterprises in Belgium and express their common interests at the national and European level


Develop the concept of Junior Enterprise and promote entrepreneurship among students in Belgium.


Support Junior Enterprises to ensure their customers a high level of quality by an audit program and the organization of strategic and national meetings.

4. Junior Enterprises Belgium General Assembly